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Goal Zero Switch 8 Solar Kit
Equipped with the Switch 8 Recharger and the Nomad 3.5 Solar Panel, you'll stay powered up wherever you go. Keep talking, texting, surfing, and always stay moving.
€ 145,00
Ski Tube Triangle Waimer
Inflatable toy for kids and… older kids that enjoy playing in the sea.
€ 115,00
Frichy Key Ring with Magnetic Net Release
Fishing accessory X67 is a practical key ring with magnetic net release by Frichy.
€ 9,50
The pedometer is a pace counter (up to 99.999 steps) that counts each step a person takes by detecting the motion of the person's hands or hips.
€ 4,00
Child's Lifejacket Chico 100N
Chico 100Nt life jacket provides an improved fit and maximum safety.
€ 27,50
Child Lifejacket Zoo 100N
The lifejacket -100N reduces the risk of the user's drowning in sheltered waters. It is specially designed to turn the user into a safe position and help them maintain this position.
€ 27,50
Inflatable Kayak Pathfinder
Pathfinder Inflatable Kayak has you ready for adventure.
from € 234,00
Kayak Seastar Ι
Single person Sit-on-Top Kayak by Seastar made of polyethylene for stability and endurance.
from € 340,00
Kayak Seastar II
A Sit-on-Top kayak, with 2 seats. The Seastar II is made of polyethylene (ΡΕ), with the rotomolding (molding with rotation) technique.
from € 695,00
Kayak Seastar IV
Single seated Kayak, made of polyethylene (ΡΕ).
€ 374,00
Kayak Seastar X
Unsinkable Kayak manufactured by Seastar. Single seat sit-on-top type made from polyethylene (PE)
from € 390,00
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