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Fishing Accessories

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Fishus Soft Baits Glue
The Fishus Soft Lures Glue is a revolutionary glue, designed for gluing soft spinning lures.
€ 15,00
Browning Wax Shield
Wax Shield makes it possible to seal the surfaces of angling equipment.
€ 6,00
Browning Graphite Grease
Graphite Grease comes into its own when moving parts must be kept freemoving and free from corrosion.
€ 6,00
Browning Reely Greasy Lubricant
Reely Greasy protects reel gears and drives from wear, abrasion and corrosion.
€ 5,60
Browning Super Slippy
Super Slippy is a universal lubricant which, when dry, forms a thin film with an extremely low friction coefficient and provides extreme slippage and excellent anti-stick properties.
€ 6,50
Quantum Hot Sauce Molecular Lubricants
Properly lubricating your reel with Quantum Hot Sauce Reel Lube will add years of use to moving parts and extra yards of casting distance.
from € 9,50
Nylon Wrapping Thread
Nylon wrapping thread for fishing rod repairs.
€ 3,50
Zebco Ring Inserts
Ideal for replacing slivered rings.
from € 1,20
€ 3,00
Yo-Zuri Phosphorus Tape
Phosphorus tape by Yo-Zuri.
€ 6,50
Toho Keimura UV Rubber Sheet
UV keimura sheet, by Japanese company Toho, that can be used in a variety of applications. It absorbs UV light and emits the pale, ultraviolet light that glows.
€ 4,20
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