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Jigs - Tenya - Metallic Lures

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Daiwa Pirates Inchiku Jigs
Whether you are fishing in shore reefs or the fast current areas of harbours, the pirates jig is ideal for everything from snapper to kingfish.
from € 17,80
Ika Metal Inchiku Jigs
A new, revolutionary design by a Japanese company, the Ika Metal Inchiku jigs have a hydro-dynamic shape that minimizes water resistance.
from € 20,00
Hayabusa Jack Eye Switch Jigs
There is no stopping Hayabusa. The Jack Eye Switch are a new type of jigs, ranging from high pitch to slow pitch.
from € 13,60
MajorCraft JigPara Casting Slow Jigs
This is the Shore Casting jig "JigPara" debut.
from € 8,00
Pregio Slash Jigs
Pregio Slash jigs are specifically designed for the Mediteranean and have a very good quality to price ratio.
from € 5,10
Epoxy Pilker Jigs by Balzer
An extremely high-quality vertical lure by Balzer.
€ 3,30
Balzer Colonel Zocker 3D Jig
The Balzer Colonel Zocker 3D jigs, are great for predator fishing in salt and fresh waters, with tiger steel treble and 3D look.
from € 2,00
Balzer Sea Rapper Jigs
The Balzer Sea Rapper jigs are covered in holographic foil and fitted with tigger steel trebles.
€ 8,20
Hayabusa Free Slide DN Head
The Hayabusa DN Free Slides are of Japanese origin kabura jigs, with a hydrodynamic shape that allows them to sink quickly to the bottom.
from € 12,00
Oceanic Cabura Fish Head
The Cabura Fish Head are made by the Oceanic Team.
€ 6,40
Oceanic Engetsu Cabura Seamoon Jigs
The Oceanic Cabura Seamoon Jig is deadly to all predatory fish.
€ 6,50
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