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Mares X-Vision Liquid Skin Mask
The Mares X-Vision Liquid Skin mask is the flagship mask from Mares with a super soft liquid skin skirt and a cleverly shaped lens to optimise viewing area.
€ 80,00
Mares Wahoo Mask
The Mares Wahoo mask is an incredible value for money snorkelling mask that is based on the very popular Mares X-Vision mask and has a lot of the features that made it such a great mask including it's unique frame shape.
€ 30,00
Mares Tana Mask
Mares Tana is a unique mask with a skirt made of very soft hypoallergenic liquid silicone, and its highly ergonomic shape makes it suitable for any shape of face.
€ 37,00
Mares Rover Mask
A unique and revolutionary design combined with innovative technical solutions result in a mask with comfort that goes unmatched, while increasing field of vision in all directions.
€ 26,00
Cressi Air Mask
This mask has a particular tapered structure deriving directly from the highly popular Nano-mask patent.
€ 65,00
Cressi Big Eyes Mask
This mask has totally revolutionised the sector, thanks to the new and exclusive principles that it has introduced and which represent just as many milestones.
€ 39,00
Cressi Pinocchio Snorkeling Mask
A real CULT when it comes to masks, Pinocchio is the most famous mask in the world.
€ 18,00
Cressi Ocean Snorkelling Mask
The internal volume of the mask is exceptionally low, lower than that of many free diving models and the weight is decidedly low.
€ 25,50
Cressi Nano Crystal & Nano Black Masks Series
Mask for scuba diving and advanced freediving, designed to offer an extremely hydrodynamic and compact shape to help divers cut through the water and aid movements in small spaces.
from € 52,00
Cressi F1 Masks
Frameless masks are loved by many divers for their low-profile and ability to fold flat for easy carrying, even in a BC pocket.
€ 40,00
Technisub Micromask
Aqualung has truly reinvented the diving mask with its new Micromask.
€ 58,00
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