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Underwater Torches

Underwater Torch 1000 Lumens
This hand-held diving flashlight is using CREE XM-L2(U2), which is the latest LED from USA. It produces possibly the strongest beam, in the market.
€ 99,00
X Dive Torch
The X Dive handheld torch is one of the most popular underwater lights, at a competitive price.
€ 37,50
Underwater Torch Seac Q3
Here is the Seac Q3, with its 3 new and improved cutting-edge LEDs.
€ 99,00
Seac R1 Underwater Torch
A compact monoLED torch with an anodized aluminium body and 3-position pressure switch on the bottom.
€ 68,00
Atorch CV01
The Atorch CV01 handheld torch is one of the most popular underwater lights.
€ 45,00
Submergable Torch LG-3W by Alpin
This submergable torch by Alpin is perfect for beginners to the sport of underwater spear fishing, or for those that prefer fishing in the shallows.
€ 21,50
Diving Torch BL-8771
The diving torch BL-8771 uses Cree Led technology, is extremely robust and specifically designed for extreme weather and scuba diving applications.
€ 53,50
Underwater Kinetics Light Cannon eLED
In the tradition of the original Light Cannon HID light, the Light Cannon eLED delivers an even brighter illumination and maintains this brightness throughout the battery life.
€ 245,00