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Ryobi Trapper Dash Minnow Lure
These new lures are of superb quality and value for money.
€ 9,90
Evolures Zargana 150F Lures
The Evolures Zargana 150F is no ordinary diving pencil, or a simple popper lure. It is a radical, innovative artificial bait with a lot of potential and plenty of fishing applications.
€ 18,50
DUO Beach Walker 120MD
The sinking type medium diver “Beach Walker 120MD” was created to efficiently scout the vast coastline.
€ 23,00
Yo-Zuri Tobimaru
Part of the Crystal Series of lures from Yo-Zuri, the Tobimaru is sure to drive large freshwater and saltwater predators crazy.
€ 13,00
Fiiish Power Tail Lures
Power Tail is a brilliant new product by Fiiish that includes new patented technology in the form of a transparent plastic fin disc and hard body.
from € 14,25
DTD Sardina
Sardina is a lure by DTD with vivid flash hologram effect for realistic simulation.
from € 7,00
Strike Pro Needle Fish
The ultimate top-water, needle lure, made of wood, by Strike Pro.
€ 17,70
DUO Realis Pencil Popper SW Limited
Combining function, quality, and performance, the Duo Realis Pencil Popper provides anglers with the ultimate topwater weapon.
from € 20,00
DUO Realis Pencil 110 Saltwater
Continuing in the trend of adjusting more to individual markets, DUO has introduced the SW Limited version of Pencil 110, which will not be just a new color range, but also a weight tune to better handle the rough waters.
€ 18,00
DUO Realis Jerkbait 120SP SW Limited
DUO releases a limited SW version of Realis Jerkbait, with saltwater color range and saltwater hooks.
€ 18,00
DUO Tide Minnow 90S
DUO Tide Minnow 90S is a Bullet-Shaped sinking minnow.
€ 18,50
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