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Spearfishing, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Swimming

  • Swimming
    Whether at the swimming pool or in open sea, you will find accessories for pleasure, or training
  • Spearfishing Guns
    A wide range of sling and pneumatic spearguns by international manufacturers.
  • Wetsuits - Swim Wear
    Diving wear for spearfishing, snorkeling and scuba diving.
  • Fins
    Fins for snorkeling, free diving, scuba diving, spear fishing, swimming in a pool, etc. From short fins suitable for pool swimming, to carbon blades for free diving and spearfishing, our website carries various international brands, such as Cressi, Pathos, Meister.
  • Underwater Torches
    A wide variety of underwater hand held torches, fully water proof for scuba diving activities
  • Speargun Bands & Wishbones
    All kinds of speargun bands and wishbones, whether circular, standard, looped or with wrench fittings
  • Fin Shafts - Spear Heads - Multiprongs
    Speargun accessories such as fin shafts, multiprongs and spear heads for all types of spearguns
  • Masks - Goggles - Snorkels
    A full range of branded masks, goggles and snorkels for spearfishing, snorkeling, swimming for professionals, or amateur enthusiasts in competitive prices.
  • Speargun Reels
    Speargun reels for all type of spearguns.
  • Gloves - Socks - Boots
    Branded gloves, socks and shoes for scuba diving, or spear fishing in various price ranges, covering all particular needs by well know companies such as Cressi, Pathos, Meister, Meandros
  • Knives
    A wide range of stainless steel knives for underwater activities
  • Bags
    Scuba diving, Swimming and Spreafishing bags that can can carry all your equipment
  • Belts - Vests - Weights
    Elastic and woven weight belts and vests for underwater activities
  • Spear Fishing Accessories
    All the accessories you will need for spearfishing such as anti-fog sprays, glue for neoprene materials, multiprongs, torpedo floats