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XZoga Fluorocarbon 20m
This is an S-Class, premium quality, 100% Fluoro Carbon leader line by Xzoga, that is virtually invisible under the water.
from € 13,50
Carbotex UV Flash
The Carbotex UV Flash fishing line is the newest monofilament development.
from € 9,00
Shimano Catana Spinning
A new, versatile spinning monofilament, made in Japan line, by Shimano.
€ 4,50
Shimano Technium Invisitec
When Shimano first released the hugely popular "Technium", they caused waves amongst the angling world as it was different to traditional monofilament lines.
from € 8,00
Seaguar R18 Fluorolimited
Seaguar is the first company to develop fluorocarbon line in market, and still the only polymer manufacturer of fluorocarbon line in Japan.
from € 25,00
Seaguar Jr Leader Fluorocarbon Line
A new type of fluorocarbon by Japanese leading company in fluorocarbon technology.
€ 9,00
Sunline Siglon FC
This fluorocarbon lives up to the high quality Siglon name.
from € 9,00
Sunline Basic Fluorocarbon
Basic fluorocarbon line for every conceivable kind of fishing.
from € 16,00
Daiwa Tournament Fluorocarbon
The new Daiwa Tournament FluoroCarbon offers a newly developed FluoroCarbon, leader material from Japan.
from € 8,00
Sunline Fluorocarbon FC Sniper
The Sunline FC Sniper is the next evolution of fluorocarbon.
from € 27,50
Quantum Exofil Monofilament
High-tech monofilament with nano fluorocarbon surface coating.
from € 13,00
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