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Fishing Equipment

  • Rods
    For all the fishing styles and techniques, there is a saltwater rod here for you.
  • Reels
    Reels for all kinds of fishing styles, from well known manufacturers
  • Squid Jigs
    The most well known squid jig brands in the industry, in the most competitive prices.
  • Lures
    Floating, sinking and suspending lures and artificial baits for saltwater fishing
  • Jigs - Tenya - Metallic Lures
    A wide variety of jigs and accessories for the techniques of Jigging, Tenya and various metal lures for trolling, shore jigging and deep fishing
  • Soft Lures - Sandeels
    Soft lures, sandeels and other silicon based baits for bass fishing and other saltwater predators
  • Fishing Lines
    A wide variety in fluorocarbon, nylon and carbon-textured lines to cover all needs
  • Braids - Wires
    Various braids made by dyneema fibers, for all kinds of fishing techniques, as well as dacron lines and wires for agressive predators.
  • Hooks - Treble Hooks - Rigs - Jig Heads
    A great variety of branded hooks, rigs, jig heads and triple hooks at very competitive prices.
  • Sabiki - Multihook Rigs - Deep Fishing Rigs
    Various Sabiki, Multihook and Deep Fishing rigs in various sizes and colors.
  • Swivels - Snaps - Rings - Stoppers
    Swivels, snaps, stoppers, rings, floaters and other fishing accessories for all fishing techniques.
  • Sinkers - Sbiros - Floats
    Sinkers in all shapes and sizes, for all kinds of fishing, as well as floats and sbiros for long throws
  • Paternoster - Wire Baitfish Traps
    We have ready made paternosters, or can make the one that meets your needs, as well as wire baitfish traps and nets accessories.
  • Octopus Fishing
    Hand made lures and soft baits for octopus fishing