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Scotty Power Grip Plus
18" heavy monofilament leader with cannonball snap.
€ 17,80
Scotty Power Grip Plus
18" leader with stacking, self-locating snap.
€ 19,30
Scotty Hairtrigger Adjustable Releases
A fully adjustable tension release clip.
from € 8,80
Scotty Snapper Release
The fishing line is gripped between the soft pads with variable release tension attained by moving the line in or our of the jaws.
from € 13,00
Scotty Premium Microfilament Braided Downrigger Line
Super strong 250lb. test, low stretch mircofilament braided line.
€ 139,00
Scotty Premium Stainless Steel Downrigger Cable
Premium, 150 lbs test stainless steel downrigger cable.
from € 26,50
Scotty Downrigger Depthmaster
One foot per turn spool operates easily with either hand from a sitting position in the boat.
€ 268,00